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Website Sections

The website contains the following sections, which can be reached by accessing the

About Us

The about us section contain essential information about the Department and comprise of the following information

  • Aim and Objective
  • Functions


Application Forms All application forms available on the website are presented in the document section of the website. These forms can be downloaded from the website for availing services of the Department.

RTI services offers large RTI facilities for the department

Notice Board section contains various Circulars/Notifications that are released from time to time by the Department are provided in this section.

Tender's Procurement notices and tenders released by the Department for goods, services and other works can be viewed by the tenders section. The Tenders section re-directs the user to the which is a one stop source for tenders of various Government Departments, developed on advice of the Central Vigilance Commission.


For receiving feedbacks from the Users and citizens Department has provided the User Feedback module. All users can provide the feedback through the feedback/Contact Us form provided in the footer menu section of the website.

Accessibility Help

Use the accessibility options provided by this Web site to control the screen display. These options allow increasing the text size and changing the contrast scheme for clear visibility and better readability.

Changing Text Size

Changing the size of the text refers to making the text appearing smaller or bigger from its standard size. There are three options provided to you to set the size of the text that affects the readability. These are:

  • Large: Displays information in the large font size. Select large font image for increasing the text size.
  • Small:Displays information in a small font size.Select normal font image fo rdecreasing the text size.


Help on search facility

Using the Search Facility

  • Simple search will be available on home page from where user can search on basis of content and keyword available in documents/reports/picture/press release/news.
  • Specific search is given on specific pages with the functionality of searching with Keywords, location, title, subject, department etc.

Searching Tips

  • When searching, don't enter plural forms such as "press releases" because the server will only find documents with releases (plural) in the title or keywords. If you enter release (singular), the server will list entries with both release and releases.
  • All searches are case-insensitive. That is, words are looked for regardless of capitalization.
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